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Online Examination system


The successful completion of the project was very important task. But finally with the great effort and inspiration from the institution we were able to complete the project. With this in mind, we thank and extend our gratitude to many individuals for their coordination at various stages during completion of this project.

Problem definition
                   Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce conducts Entrance Examination for the admissions to M.Sc (computer Science) course. In this college the intake capacity of M.Sc(computer science) course is 60 and for taking admission to this college every year 2500 students apply. So conducting entrance examination for such a high number of students is hectic.
                   Examination system is totally manual and needs to be computerized. This system is intended to the students and teachers. We expect that through this system teachers will get rid of the manual things like setting examination papers, evaluating examination paper etc. Also students also get rid of filling form for examination, getting hall ticket and appearing for examination as per schedule on examination centers etc.
                   In this system teachers can register themselves. After that they can log in with their login name and password and do functions like adding new questions as needed for specific subject and related topic. Also they can update their profile.
                   Students can give examination as per date and time displayed in his account for only once. If students are unable to give examination on specified date and time then there is no any re-examination. Once student starts with their examination they cannot backtrack to previous questions.  The Examination will be MCQ type only. No negative marking scheme for examination. After completion of examination result will be given quickly. Syllabus for the examination can be seen in respective accounts of students.

Need for computerization
         The current system is very time consuming.

         It is very difficult to analyze examination manually.

         Results may never get precisely as evaluations and        calculations are done manually.

         Current system needs more man power to carry out the whole procedure.

         Student has to travel to the examination center for examination this takes more time.

         In manual system there is more use of paper for printing question paper and for providing answer sheets.

         Checking for errors is very difficult.

To avoid above things there is need to computerize the existing system and provide more convenience to the teachers and students as user of system.
Scope of system
          Online Examination System is designed for the entrance examination of M.Sc (computer science) course. Therefore pattern of the question paper is as per the syllabus of B.Sc (computer science) computer subjects. All the questions are Multiple Choice Questions and every question has four options.
           In this system teacher has provision to add questions for different subjects and related topics. The system handles all the operations and generates reports as soon as the test is completed which saves the precious time of faculties spent on reviewing answer sheets. 
Features of the New System
Immediate Results and Solutions

One of the most important draw backs of the current system is that the faculties are required to check the answer papers which is again a lengthy process and prone to errors. The new system will generate the result as soon as the test is finished by the user and will also store it in the database for further usage. The solution is also available as soon as the questions are inserted in the database.
Easy to Store and Retrieve Information
The new system makes it easy to store and retrieve information as required and does not involve storing information in separate sheets or papers. It thus saves data management problems faced in the current system as it has a Database Management System of it own which allows 33 reports to be generated when needed.

Cost Effective

One of the main reasons of the new system is its cost effectiveness. It saves the amount spend on stationary as well as overall cost of conducting an examination which also involves paying supervisors, paper checkers, question paper printers etc.
 Fact finding technique


Different types of questions are asked. Due to in-depth interview the areas which are overlooked may be covered. Unnecessary/extra information may be collected. Usually fixed types of questions are asked. Specific areas are covered. Specific information is collected.


If information is not collected from the other fact-finding methods, then observation method is used. In this method analyst observe the flow of documents.

  Record Review
Information related to the system may be present in the form of records like books, magazines, newspapers, letters etc.
Record review may be performed at the start of the study to collect the initial information or at the end of study to compare actual operations.

Technical Feasibility

The technical feasibility always focuses on the existing computer hardware, software & personnel. Few vital questions, which I need to be considered while viewing the technical feasibility of the system, are:-
Can the work for the project be done with the currently present equipment, existing software technology and available personal?
What system requirements are needed for any user this project?
As far as the technology in terms of hardware is concerned the system needs just the minimal requirements of P-3 and above processor with Internet Connection (or server).
The system needs Html, MySQL, Internet browser 5 or above. The system is well structured and is divided into various modules .It guarantees the data security, easy to access, reliability and accuracy of outputs and is user friendly. This system is technically feasible because it doesn’t require any extra hardware and software to purchase.

 Operational feasibility

It considers the acceptability of the system. It checks whether System will be used if it is developed and implemented are the user of the system is able to handle the system, whether the proposed system cause any trouble etc.
The system will be computerizing the manual process carried out today. It will also be easy to use, it includes the communication facility to interact with different users, and hence it is operationally feasible.
This system will not require some special kind of training or expertise for usage & will be quite transparent to the end users.
Our project is a simple web-site which   is user friendly, so the operational feasibility is maintained, that means the implemented aspects of the project is feasible for department as well as for user to operate the system. The system developed will be fully accepted by the users and it will complete all the requirements of user.

Economical feasibility

The personal cost like salaries of employees hired are also nominal because working in this system need not required a highly qualified professional. The operating-environment costs are marginal.
The proposed system is economically feasible because the cost involved in purchasing that hardware and the software are within approachable rates.
         The most prominent advantage of installing the system is that communication across wide areas is possible.
          The resources like internet is also available everywhere now days. Also cost incurred in installing is also very low. 


Minimum Hardware Requirements:

       Processor  : Pentium 4
         Hard disk  : 10 GB
         RAM         : 256 MB

                   As this project is launched as website the storage resources are provided by internet.

Minimum Software Requirements:

         Front End  : Advance Java (JSP)
         Back End   : MySQL
         Operating System: Linux ,Windows 2000,2007,XP

download link :click here

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