Sunday, 23 July 2017

Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Feasibility Study

Technical Feasibility

The project is exhaustively caters for all the good aspects that characterized good computer software. The project is amazingly portable. It has been tested and found capable to run on a computer system.

Where a user is hampered by compatibility, it is possible to select a compatibility mode that matches the respective versions, say, for example Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003, Redhat Linux, Fedora, Centos.

Economic Feasibility

This project is well economically conditioned. It is mere 10 Kilobytes implying that it comfortably fits on an inexpensive floppy disk. It is easy to install on any machine with minimum specifications as spelt out in the section (Hardware and Software Specification). It does not claim more amounts of disk space as well.

Operational Feasibility

Operation of the Scientific Calculator is straight forward! The user does not need sophisticated skills to operate this tool, a little mathematical and computing exposure is adequate for full utilization of functions on the scientific calculator. With regard to the standard version of the calculator, however, knowledge is simple mathematical operators is sufficient.

The project has been constructed with very easy and user-friendly syntax, making it less strenuous to implement. The associated graphical user interface coupled with well-labeled pushbuttons also adds to the Calculator’s ergonomic. User input can be captured through both the keyboard and way of the mouse.

Hardware and Software Specification

The proposed system is very inline with the existing system in terms of its requirements. The requirement of the proposed system in terms of hardware resources, software platforms and utilities is listed below.

Hardware Specification

v  Processor : Pentium III or above or equivalent.

v  Minimum 128 MB of RAM Or More.

v  About 500 MB free Hard disk space for safe operation.

Software Specification

v  Windows 2000/XP or Linux (Red Hat, Fedora,Centos)

v  Jdk1.6.0

 The requirements of the system listed above are the minimum requirements that are needed for the operation of the system at site.

download link : click here

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