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Electricity Billing System full

 Maharastra state Electricity Board looking after Generation,Transmission and Distribution of electricity in the state of Maharashtra barring Mumbai.But with enactment of Electricity Oct 2003,MSEB was unbundled into 3 Companies viz. Maharashtra  state electricity Distribution, Maharashtra state power Generation and Maharashtra State Power.Electricity transmission co-ltd  on 6th June 2005.

  MSEDCL supplies electricity to the a staggering 1.86 crore consumers across the categoris all over Maharashtra excluding the island city of Mumbai There are about 1.31 core residential.30 lacs Agriculture.13.46 lac Commertial and 2.5 lac Industrial consumers MSEDCL area which fetch  an annual revenue of about Rs.33,000 crore through refresher/professionl trainings.Safty is given special Importance & safety is given special Importance & safety training is imported to line staff on regular basis Engineers are also deputed to various other well reputed training centers outside Maharashtra for training under MD module and also deputed for training under DRUM project of USASD on regular basis
               In last 2 years about 200 wards of deceased employees hava been provided with job.Two ITIS at vaijapur(Dist.Aurangabaad) and Kalyan have been adopted to improve there facilities to help the local population.

 The project is concern about MSEB Billing System. We try to make the MSEB Billing System User Friendly with the help of Basic Computer Knowleds Anybody can easily operate this System.
            Our development of project provide feature like calculating bill of electricity,Custr Information,pays or receive from customer dues list of customer,region wise report of customer,new connection given to the customer ,Meter reade details.clerk detail and also updating customer from bank directly which bank receives payment from that customer.
 MSEB billing system reduses the human efforts and errors .This system avoids the extra clerical work.This system also provides accurate result in short time.

1.      Scope of system is for storing information of all customer & clerk.
2.      System is mainly focus on the Calculating MSEB Bill of every customer with Accuracy.
3.      In that system ,we include new customer entry ,old customer updation,receiving customer Bill passing into from any bank and then update the customer state.
4.      It gives information of all clerck,meter reader and also Organization.
5.      This system is capable for adding new meter reader as wella as  clerck.Which required by the Organization ?.

In Investigation , we need Identification information is gatherd from user.This information is primarily used to understanding the problem of user and the nature of operation and how each activity takes place.
We use  two techniques as follows:
1.      Interview
2.      Record Review
                  This technique is used to collecting qualitative information from the group of indivisual person.
                 In that technique we take 2 person’s interview for collecting information of all of the current system.Firstly “Mr.Taware Nilesh” for collecting electrical urban department information .Then “Mr.Kadam Sir” for collecting Rural Department information.

But from Interview we are not satishfied on the collecting information. Then we apply record technique for collecting information.
                 On Record review technique we see the record of customer which is stored in MS-Exel .We also see the record Register of this organization how to store record on day to day & note down the some points.

 It is undertaken to determine the possibility or probability of either improving the existing problem or developing a completely one new System.
Feasiblity study has three types:
              The system can carried out a Pentium p4 GHz,40 GB HDD,512 RAM.To install java there no require more knowledge .Users should have no software knowledge required .This project require very less techniqual support.
              The system is develop in JAVA and MS-Access as compared to manual system accumulation of unnecessary data such as maintenance of loads of paper work,resisters,etc.
                 System is developed in JAVA  and MS-Access facilitating Number term benefits.It requires minimal knowledge part of user to handle the system.
                 The system is interactive & user friendly with provision of appropriate and effective messege.The  system is General Purpous.


Processor:Dual core 2.0 GHz
Harddisk:80 GB
RAM:512 MB
Monitor:Color Monitor
Printer:Any type of printer.
Operating system: MS-XP2
Front end:Java
Back end:MS=Access / Oracle


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